Polyjuice Potion

Magical Elderberry Plum Sour Ale

Brewed with our friends from Emporium Chicago, this collaborative ale is for wizards & muggles who solemnly swear they are up to no good. A sour brew concocted with plums, elderberries, and magical bits and bobbles.

  • Malt Bill: Pilsner, Acidulated Malt, Caraaroma, Flaked Wheat
  • Hops: El Dorado
  • Yeast: CSB House Yeast Blend, Lactobacillus
  • ABV: 7.0%
  • Serving Temperature: 45-50
  • Glassware: Snifter or Tulip
  • Availability: Draft and limited run of cans exclusively at The Koelschip and Emporium Chicago