A House becomes a Table

A few weeks ago, we received a letter from a law firm. These situations always make us nervous because we are still new to owning businesses and we make mistakes along the way. Did we hurt someone? Did we fail to pay something in a timely manner? It is truly impressive the volume of snail mail we receive on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately, the letter was one of the oft-referenced "Cease and Desist use of..." letters that are becoming more and more common in brewing. While we, as brewers, are pretty creative with beer recipes, there are only so many words that can be used on a label and we are bound to arrive at similar names from time-to-time. Faced with the option of spending a six-figure sum of money on a gamble to try and prove a point, we chose a more straightforward option: change the name.

The name being disputed is "House" and the phrase "House Beer". So, where we have spent the last 16 months making a 4% ABV Rustic Blonde that we call "House" and a number of variations to that base recipe, those references will be no more. We have already scrubbed our website and are working with the various rating sites to remove those beer names from the various websites.

Now allow us to announce our latest release....Table. Table is the same exact beer and will be packaged in that same beautiful red can that we love seeing on shelves and in refrigerators. Since these label changes and approvals take time, we are hoping that you will start to see Table on shelves in November. Stay tuned to our social media and we'll keep updates rolling on progress.