Next Steps: East 26th Street

We knew that this time would arrive. For it to have arrived so quickly is a bit surreal, but it feels logical, even comfortable, which is the way we wanted it to work. On August 1, 2016, we took possession of a leased building at 4001 E. 26th Street in Indianapolis. The 6,000 square feet will become our permitted production facility once we get through all of the permitting process eight to ten months from now.

As you may know, in order for a brewery to obtain a Small Brewer's permit from the Federal Tax and Trade Bureau, they need to have a physical space already reserved. Many start-up breweries do not realize that from the time of signing a lease, or purchase agreement, they are at least eight months away from actually having the permit. Thankfully, we were able to watch a number of our friends navigate the process and have planned appropriately. The support that Black Acre has given us for the last 20 months and continues to give us is a huge part of us being able to make this move.

"26th Street", as we have started to call it, will not have any public-facing duties. We will focus the space on stainless production and have room for more of the 10 BBL (310 gallon) plastic totes that allow for beers like Totes McMaple, Funky Rose, Ottermelon Gose, and Lazer Raptor to be more readily available. By the end of 2016, we expect to have twenty of the totes in rotation at Black Acre's facility.

We still have to bundle all of the paperwork and send it off to the proper agencies, but if you start to see pictures of more equipment and taller ceilings, there is a solid chance we are getting closer at 26th Street.