It is never easy to say goodbye to a family member. In some cases, it is even more difficult to say goodbye to a loyal pet. Josh and Robyn had to say goodbye to their dog of eight years, Paz, last night (6/11/15). Her health was fading and it was her time. 

Paz could be a complete terrorist. She often greeted me with a well-timed punch to the balls (thanks to our height differential) and she had to wear a harness because if you tried to convince her to go in a different direction on a walk, she would slip her collar and just chuckle. That is, a terrorist until she liked you.

Princess Pazy Von Noodle-Stroodle Butt Esquire

Once she liked you, she was a complete cuddle monster with a pair of the kindest eyes. Her little nub tail wagging and that scratchy howl became part of our planning meetings over the past two years. It was comforting to snuggle her during some of the intense discussions on what we wanted this brewery to be. What we wanted it to mean.

As you, dear reader, get to know us, you will see our absolute devotion to dogs. Chris has brewed a holiday beer for the past few years and hand labeled (and waxed) 22oz bottles to honor the dogs of his family. Josh and Robyn recently added Lemmy to the family when Robyn saw him darting through the Target parking lot on a dreary night. Meghan and I plan to open a dog rescue as part of retirement. Dogs are awesome. 

Our love of dogs is why this post sucks to write. So, Rest in Party Paz. We'll see you on the other side.