Two New Brews

Across our distribution footprint, you should be seeing a couple of new beers popping up on tap.

First, there’s this beauty that we’re calling Totes McOaks (blame Bly if you can’t say it). It’s a Brettanomyces-fermented pale ale aged on medium toast oak honeycombs from Black Swan Cooperage. Oak honeycombs are an alternative to cubes and spirals, and offer a ton of surface area. Josh let this one age for three months, and you’re going to get plenty of oak in the flavor, as well as some traditional Brett funk and more traditional hoppy flavors.

Next is an IPA called Cast No Shadow on Liberty. It’s fermented with our house strain of Brett and dry hopped with Citra, and it’s named after a story about our fair city you’ve probably never heard. You know the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on the circle? It’s topped with a statue called Victory. Traditionally, she represented the North in the American Civil War. While the monument pays tribute to those that have served in a number of wars, it was originally designed to honor Civil War vets.

While she’s called Victory now, in the original commissions, she was commonly referred to as “Liberty.” This is because she is, artistically, a blend of the Greek image of Victory, and the American image of Liberty (torch and sword, specifically). 

Victory faces south, in some pretty obvious symbolism meant to remind people that like to say, “the South will rise again” what happened last time. After the monument was originally erected in 1901, there was a city statute that said no building could stand taller than the monument. After they realized how bad of an idea that was, they changed the ordinance to say that no building could obstruct Victory’s view of the south. They also added a law in 1905 to say that no building would be allowed to cast a shadow on the monument. (Circle Tower’s stair stepped roofline is designed as such exactly because of this law.) Take note next time you’re downtown. Nothing casts a shadow on Liberty.

Keep an eye out for these two at your favorite beer bars.