Central State explores the delicate art of yeast interaction and cultivation in an experimental process as a third wave brewery dedicating themselves to 100% Brett brewing.

Founded by a technically-minded team with an experienced brewer, Central State aims to contribute to the innovation and knowledge-sharing culture that has defined this new generation of American brewing through experimentation, collaboration, and artisanal gypsy brewing.

Central State Brewing Co. is part of a renaissance of craft-minded producers helping revitalize small and mid-size cities across the midwest, sharing their inventiveness with small pockets of like-minded drinkers across the country who are looking for unique flavors and textures in their beer. 

Josh Hambright - Co-Founder / Head Brewer /
Taco Aficionado

Josh is an experienced professional brewer and avid consumer of all things Taco. His knowledge of barrel science is second only to his mastery of otter pictures and internet memes. His love of wild beer was solidified with his first taste of Jolly Pumpkin's La Roja which began his exploration into the funky and wild side of fermentation. Please ignore his wet socks and any spent grain that falls from his beard, he's focused on the next barrel project. His other passions include Katy Perry's anthology and partying with puppies. 

Jake Koeneman - Co-Founder / President / Dad Voice

Jake is the project manager sidekick to Josh and source of joke material for Chris.  As the resident dad voice, he makes sure things are moving or he will turn the damn car around. He’s also been known to carry a few things aimlessly around the brewery while making terrible pop-culture jokes. His love of funk started in 2010 with New Belgium La Folie and Dogfish Head/Three Floyds Poppa Skull. Yes, he and his wife, Meghan, do own a dog they named A.C. Slater.